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Suncoast Surface Restoration

Restoration, protection and sealing for pavers, concrete, roofs & more!

Paver Sealing

About Pavers & Sealing

There are many benefits to sealing pavers. It really depends on your expectations of pavers and how long you would like them to look great. Pavers that aren’t sealed will be more likely to grow weeds in the joints, they will fade and loose their color from wear and UV breakdown, and because most newer paver sealers include an additive that will harden the joint sand it is less likely that you will have settling or shifting caused by joint sand loss. All that being said, yes you should seal your pavers. Most paver manufactures will tell you that it’s not required to seal your pavers, however, it is highly suggested.

Advantages of Sealing Pavers

  • Protects against the extreme Florida sun and other natural damaging elements
  • Protects Pavers from oil, rust, paint and other stains
  • Helps prevent weed and mold growth
  • Enhances the depth and color of your Pavers
  • Provides stability to your Pavers by locking the sand inbetween the joints

Our sealing process

  • Power washing, complete with regard to every detail
  • 1 flood coat of our Growth Inhibitor
  • Paver specific sand that helps to prevent growth and provide stability for your Pavers
  • 3 heavy coats of commerical grade Ure-Seal paver sealer
  • Non-slip polymer "shark grip" additive on our 3rd coat
  • ALL IN 1 DAY PROCESS! Using the Ure-Seal brick paver sealer, and incorperating our experienced Paver sealing system, we are able to clean, apply the Growth Inhibitor, re-sand & apply 3 coats of sealer all in the same day. Giving you less down time to get your car back on the drive way or your family back into the pool.
  • 3 year Ure-Seal Brick Paver sealing warranty
  • FREE bi-annual touch ups on our Growth Inhibitor and sand joints!